Sports Facilities

The main providers of sport facilities in Welwyn Hatfield are shown below. To find more information on facilities in our database click on the 'Find a Facility' pull-down under Clubs section above. Or click here for short-cut

Sport England Facility Design Document  download: 'Developing the Right Sports Hall'   WH BC Sports Facility Strategy latest (link to WH BC website)  

Save Gosling: Gosling Northern Sports Facility Closure (Announcement 24 Dec 18)

Clubs in the northern sports facility have recieved notice that the hall will close 31March 2019.  See email notificaion of closure and meeting invitation to Knebworth Inclusive Badminton Club

A short description of the Sportshall here.     WGC Society     Save Gosling Campaign - first meeting of clubs and oganisations 4 Jan 19

Minutes of Meeting establishing Save Gosling - strapline 'Even Better' 4Jan18

Documents that cannot be included on WHSPAA Facebook will be available here:

Press Release 14Jan19: Grant Shapps gave GLL bosses 7 days to come up with alternative plans for the Sports Hall (WHT)

GSP 2016 Signed Accounts  Gosling Leisure Limited  Accounts Dec 2017     GLL - Annual_Return_and_Accounts YE2017   Index to documents

 GLL - WH Leisure Ltd Transfer_of_Engagements     

HD260293 - WHBC - freehold    HD368993 - freehold 2017   HD473351 - GLL leasehold    HD479881 - leasehold GSP ex WH Sports Centre Trust Ltd 

GLL Sports Foundation Sponsors     Co-operative and Communities Benefit Societies Act 2014    Financial Conduct Authority Finalised Guidance 15/12 

  1. Charities and litigation: a guide for trustees:       
  2. Charity investigation opened into Legal Action, case not mentioned but the details might be of relevant     
  3. Industrial and Provident Societies (IPS)    
  4. Charity Commission Guidance 2013 - Exempt charities
  5. Charity Commission Guidance 2013 (new format January 2017)  Industrial and provident societies   

WH BC docs:   Public reports 8a 05122017 1930 Cabinet    Local Authorities Public Health Responibilities   WH BC Lesiure Services Review Dec17

GLL 'Company Communique' to GSP members March 2016               Charities Commission standards on Openness and Accountability

GLL Sobell Sports Centre Conversion Experience 16Jan19

WH Times article 24Dec18     WHSPAA Vice-chairmans Reply to Vishal's Email on closure 24Dec18    

World Cham[pion Gobi opens teh refurbished sports hall2009 World Champion Gobi Raanganathan welcomes this refurbishment funded by Badminton England and Sport Engand 2009 obtained by Welwyn Hatfield Community Badminton Network and GSP management

   Olympian J o Goode and Handside Cllr andPublicHealth Lead Fiona Thomson  after refurb 2014    Olympian Jo Goode and Handside Coumcillor Fiona Thomson welcome the refurbishment funded by   Badminton Engalnd and Sport Engand  2014 (obtained by Welwyn Hatfield Community Badminton Network and GSP management).  The agreed 15 year devlopment plan between WH CBN and GSP would be  good for badminton and the health of WGC, Welwyn Hatfield, Hetfordshire and the Region.

Leisure centre and leisure operator, Better

From 1st May 2018, Finesse Leisure Partnership merged with GLL and the management of their leisure facilities will continue under our ‘Better’ brand.

GLL is a charitable social enterprise; we manage public leisure facilities in many areas of the UK including Newcastle, Wales, London and Cornwall.

'We are not a profit making organisation but re-invest all surpluses back into the service. We are proud of our Four Pillars: Better Service, Better Communities, Better People and Better Business and we are also proud to be the largest public sector leisure operator in the UK.' This means we are very experienced at providing affordable and accessible community leisure facilities. Please click on the links below to be taken to the new pages for your local leisure facilities. Don't forget to bookmark them as your favourites. 



Delivering quality sports services and facilities for students, staff and the broader community from first experience to elite performers
Hertfordshire Sports Village is a state-of-the-art sports facility with something to offer everyone, from complete beginners to elite and professional sports people. Whatever your sport or preferred activity, you have the opportunity to enjoy great quality sports, health & fitness facilities and services. Click here for more information

Gosling hosts a diverse range of sports and leisure facilities and is one of the most comprehensive and prestigious developments of its kind in the UK. Gosling hosts the largest indoor tennis facility in the country as well as a gym and spa facility, 6 lane athletics track, a velodrom, dry ski slope and a 5-a-side football cages plus much more. For more information click here  

Has an extensive range of facilities for you to choose from, including our state of the art gym, swimming pool and racquet sports facilities, please see full list of facilities as there is something for everyone. Click here


Other Facilities: 

Sports Facilities managed by Hatfield Town Council include:

  • Birchwood Leisure Centre, Longmead, Hatfield, AL10 0AN
  • Roe Hill Hall, Playing Fields and Multi-use Sports Area, Briars Lane, Hatfield. AL10 8EY
  • Lemsford Hall and Outdoor Sports Area, Brocket Road, Lemsford. AL8 7TT
  • Newgate Street Village Hall and Outdoor Sports Area, Newgate Street, Nr Hertford. SG13 8RP.

For further information on the HTC website click here

Parish Council's Facilities

Welwyn Hatfield's 6 Parish Councils manage their own facilities.  For their contact details follow this link on WH Borough Council's website.