Minutes of the Meeting 

Terms of Reference for WelHat Sports

Extract from the Minutes:

Dissolution vote by members

Members of the meeting were asked whether they wanted to disband WHSPAA and set up WelHat Sports.

All voting members voted, all but one member (who voted against) were in favour of the proposal to disband WHSPAA in favour of the creation of WelHat Sports

Members were then asked to vote on whether WHSPAA current finances should be transferred to Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council or to Herts Sports Partnership.

All voting members voted, 1 member abstained and all other members voted in favour of transferring the funds to the Council as soon as possible.

Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council reassured members that the funds will be ring-fenced and there will be a process in place for WelHat Sports to access these funds, it was highlighted that the Council will not have any access to these funds.


  1. Upcoming events and dates

The launch of WelHat Sports will take place at the Club Forum on Tuesday 30th April 18:30pm at the University of Hertfordshire, agenda to follow.


Meeting closed at 6.50pm