CoachAi uses proven behavioural science to accompany people throughout their journey offering much needed support, to become and stay active within the confines of their own home.

Leisure centres, fitness clubs and gyms may be closed, and community sports clubs may have been forced to pull down the shutters on their programmes, but HSP is committed to helping Hertfordshire’s residents stay active and healthy through the Covid-19 pandemic.

Working with CoachAi and taking advantage of smart technology and artificial intelligence, HSP has launched the CoachAi at Home programme, which offers users their very own personal virtual coach who will chat with them and give them the motivation, guidance and structure needed to access suitable exercise routines, and to maintain activity levels until daily life returns to something nearer normal. Plus, it’s fun, free and has been proven to help people succeed in getting involved and staying involved in an active lifestyle.

See HSP CoachAi webpage