Your privacy is important to us please see the WHSPAA Privacy statement, below

Pivacy Notice


WHSPAA is committed to protecting members’ privacy. This document explains how your personal data is stored and used (‘processed’).

We encourage you to read the Privacy Notice in full. However to summarise;

We will always use your data within the law.

We will never sell your data.

We will not send marketing communications without permission.

We will keep your data securely.

Members have access to their data and can edit and delete it anytime.

All personal data held by WHSPAA will be used only to allow us:

- to perform on our membership affiliation obligations to you (see WHSPAA Membership Benefits, on our  website,

-  in some limited cases, to further WHSPAA’s legitimate interests with other organisations such as Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council and Herts Sports Partnership.

Under no circumstances will WHSPAA sell members’ personal data. WHSPAA will not share your information with third parties unless required to fulfil our obligations to you.

WHSPAA will also provide personal data to the authorities if, or as required, by law.

All WHSPAA members are bound by this policy.

Affiliated Club, Organisation, and Participant Membership Records (“Membership Information”)

WHSPAA holds and/or processes the following club/organisation information:

                        Contact Name

                        Email Address

                        Phone Numbers

                        Contact Address

                        Club name

                        Club address (including website and FaceBook, where applicable)

                        Sport or physical activity type

                        Primary and Secondary Club Membership and Role (where applicable e.g member or ‘Membership Secretary’)

                       NGB Affiliation

                       Club accreditation (Clubmark)

                       Free-form information that you wish to publicise

                       Date of update of your details.

The Membership Information is provided by you at Registration and can be edited any time via your secure login: you control what data you share in the promotion of your club on the WHSPAA website ‘Find a club’ section to the general public. Your data is also used by WHSPAA Committee to service your interests and the wider interests of WHSPAA, including in WHSPAA publications promoting sport and physical activity. 

The entire database of all clubs’ information in downloadable spreadsheet form is available to WHSPAA’s committee (after training) to further WHSPAA’s aims and objectives.

Special Categories of Data

WHSPAA does not normally hold ‘special categories’ of personal data such as that related to age, health, racial, or ethnic origin.  In the extremely rare cases where this does occur (such as specific project applications to organisation such as Sport England, or Public Health England) WHSPAA will notify the data subject, take extra care to ensure privacy rights are protected and will not collect or disclose your data without your consent. WHSPAA recognizes the need to take extra care with this sensitive data.

WHSPAA does not hold data related to criminal convictions or offences.

Event Records (“Event  Information”)

WHSPAA also holds and/or processes the following information on members and their associated organisation/club members who participate in events to publicise and celebrate their success:

l  Name of member/participant and the associated event

l  Event results: depending on the event

l  photographs and video clips are occasionally, made to celebrate events.

l  Records and details of those under 16 will not be collected and publicised unless there is specific agreement from the parent/carer/adult-in-charge (acting in loco parentis).

These event records may be celebrated publicly in our newsletters, on our website and social media.

Financial Information

WHSPAA holds and processes the following financial information when WHSPAA receives or makes payments.

l  Limited information depending on the method of payment (e.g. cheque details).

 WHSPAA’s Own Proceedings (“WHSPAA Information”)

WHSPAA keeps records of its own proceedings, for example minutes of committee meetings and AGMs which may include personal data including names of attending committee members. WHSPAA archives this data for historical and research purposes. WHSPAA may selectively retain a small amount of other personal information for historical archive purposes; for example, names of tournament or award winners (including as engraved on any trophies).

Marketing Communications

WHSPAA does not currently undertake marketing communications. 

 Occasionally, information on sport, physical activity and organisation management courses that require payment to non-profit partners is emailed to members.


WHSPAA may process your personal data and provide it to 3 rd parties in anonymised form to facilitate/promote sport and physical activity consistent with WHSPAA’s objectives (for example, providing analysis of participation numbers to Sport England, Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council and Herts Sport Partnership).

Where WHSPAA organizes events WHSPAA may hold personal data on limiting health conditions, dietary preferences, allergies, or requirements. WHSPAA will use this data only for the purposes of organizing the specific event (or series of events) in question. WHSPAA may share the data with 3 rd party event organizers (e.g. a caterers ). Where WHSPAA does share this information it will seek to do so on an anonymised basis.

WHSPAA will typically provide members with a reminder to renew and update their membership details and may send further reminders once a specific contact detail is known to be incorrect .

We use Google Analytics to check for defunct contact email addresse: see.  Google Privacy Statement.

Data Retention

WHSPAA receives Membership Information from members’ own registration (via the website) and  including any further edits that they may perform. Members can delete their own data whenever they wish. Hence the content and retention period is entirely in the each respective member’s bailiwick.  However, if WHSPAA finds out that the club or organisation no longer exists it reserves the right to delete that information.

WHSPAA retains any Financial Information (such as intermediary payments for catering or room hire) as long as required for standard financial processes..

In exceptional circumstances (for example to resolve a complaint or investigation), WHSPAA may hold limited subsets of personal data for longer periods.

Published data on events is not normally subject to deletion. In exceptional circumstances and where it is possible to delete it, application can be made to the WHSPAA Data Controller (Vice-chairman, Dave Bartlett).

While members have immediate and direct access to their own registered information, in accordance with Data Protection law you are entitled to ask to see your personal data and to have it corrected if it is wrong, or to have it deleted if you are physically unable to do so. Please contact WHSPAA Data Controller (the Vice-chairman, with any such requests: these will be fulfilled within 1 month.

Lawful Processing

WHSPAA is committed to processing data lawfully.

Any breach of lawful data processing should be reported immediately to WHSPAA Data Controller.

If you are unable to obtain satisfactory resolution to a breach of data processing law directly with WHSPAA then you have the right to complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office ( about the way your data is handled.


David Bartlett, Acting WHSPAA Data Controller e:,  27 April 2018