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Sport England are currently consulting clubs and organisations on where they should be spending their money

This is after the Government’s 'Sporting Future: A new strategy for an Active Nation' released in December (summary and comment on S&RA website) - see also below.   You can complete the SE consultation now or come to our full Alliance meeting on 25th February and hear what HSP say and discuss with our clubs and organisations before submitting your consultation. Click here for the Sport England Consultation


The Government's New Sports Strategy,17Dec15

"This cross-government strategy will tackle head on the flatlining levels of sport participation and high levels of inactivity in this country. Through this strategy, government is redefining what success in sport means, with a new focus on five key outcomes: physical wellbeing, mental wellbeing, individual development, social and community development and economic development. In future, funding decisions will be made on the basis of the outcomes that sport and physical activity can deliver.

It is government’s ambition that all relevant departments work closer together to create a more physically active nation, where our children and young people enjoy the best sporting opportunities available and people of all ages and backgrounds can enjoy the many benefits that sport and physical activity bring, at every stage in their lives.

Government is reaffirming its commitment to Olympic and Paralympic success but also extending that ambition to non-Olympic sports where we will support success through grassroots investment in those sports, and by sharing UK Sport’s knowledge and expertise. The strategy outlines what we expect of the sector to deliver this vision, and how we will support it in getting there."


It's the final countdown to & support grassroots sport funding ahead of the Government's Spending Review 25 November.   Send a message to help dissuade the Chancellor from sever cuts to sport - see


DCMS Triennial Review of UK Sport and Sport England September 2015

Government's Sports Strategy Consulation Paper, August 2015 Reply deadline 2nd October

Government's 'Taking Part - Annual Child Report' July 2014-15

HSP AGM and Annual Report for 2015

SE Active People Survey 9 report 'Who plays Sport'

National Governing Body Forum launches by publishing "State of Play" report

            State of Play Report

New Community Amateur Sports Clubs Rules starting 1 April 2015

Get moving in 2015 with the Hertfordshire Year of Walking

Hertfordshire County Council's Countryside Management Service (CMS) and Public Health Team have launched the Hertfordshire Year of Walking, a celebration of all the fantastic walking opportunities the county has to offer.
 The aim is to get more people walking in the county as a means of exercise, leisure and for making short journeys more active. Whether walking appeals as a means of losing weight, improving health, or simply enjoying some fresh air, the Hertfordshire Year of Walking will provide the motivation to get you moving!

 Walking more can help tackle the problem of physical inactivity in the county by encouraging more people to walk as a means of achieving the UK Chief Medical Officers’ recommendation of 150 minutes moderate intensity exercise per week. As a low-impact form of exercise walking offers many options for progression – start slowly on flat and even ground, over short distances and gradually build up your speed, incline and distance.

 The project will engage with Hertfordshire’s local media, businesses, schools, healthcare providers and existing walking groups to reach as wide an audience as possible. Through the website Hertfordshire residents can keep up to date with the latest organised walking events, links to existing walking groups across the county, such as the Hertfordshire Health Walks (, and have the opportunity to commit to increasing their physical activity levels by completing the ‘Pledge to Walk’ survey. In return for their pledge, residents can choose to receive the monthly Hertfordshire Year of Walking newsletter, and via, have easy access to resources including circular walk routes and maps for their local area.

 Walking is an outdoor activity all residents can enjoy. According to NICE only 4 per cent of people either need help when walking outside the home or are unable to walk at all. The project aims to highlight and improve the accessibility of walk routes around the county to enable those living with physical disabilities, such as wheelchair users, to reap the health and wellbeing benefits of exploring their local environment. Hertfordshire boasts 3,200kms of Rights of Way network, 42 open spaces with Green Flag status and miles of accessible disused railway lines and towpaths, just waiting to be explored on foot.

How to get involved:


MPs debated physical inactivity for the first time in parliament last month following the launch of UKactive’s ‘Steps to solving inactivity report’.(see below).  The Local Democracy Think Tank (LGiU) report on this debate:

'Sport and Health: a review of UKactive’s Steps to solving inactivity'.


UkActive  Solving Inactivity  October 2014


DCMS Report of the Government's Women in Sport Advisory Board Oct14

Record numbers of people are playing sport can local authorities meet demand?  Local Democracy Think Tank Policy Briefing, 5-Aug-14

Offsted report: 'Going the extra mile: excellence in competitive school sport'  20 June 2014

Environment and Health Atlas for England and Wales

Tackling Inactivity - an All Party Report  Government Report April 2014


The Government extends and ring-fences Primary School Sport Funding until 2020 [£750m pledge]

Michelle Bavington, WH School Games Partnership co-ordinator, emailed:

'This is great news for PE and sport in schools and will enable us to continue with our partnership work.

The government have also  agreed to continue funding the School Games until 2016: click for download.  Also, click here for BBC News item.

Active People Survey Results - latest (Feb14)

Olympic Legacy Plan (Professor Mike Weed, Centre for Sport, Physical Education & Activity Research (SPEAR)) 

Four sports suffer Olympic funding cut, BBC report: Basketball, synchronised swimming, water polo and weightlifting have all had their Olympic funding withdrawn. UK Sport has decided to put money into other sports ahead of the Rio Games in 2016 and Tokyo 2020.

HACO Update Sep13  (from Paul Underwood at Cultural Consortium, 23Oct13)

Herts Olympic & Paralympic Legacy Newsletter Nov13 (compressed for website)

Jim McManus, Director of Public Health, 'Public Health The Physical Activity Offer for Hertfordshire as a joint Priority' -  Presentation to HSP  October 13

Children need more exercise - especially girls, BMJ article, BBC News

Government Education Department Report on School Sport post Olympics:

  - School sport following London 2012: No more political football - Vol1  Main Report & Summary

  - School sport following London 2012: No more political football - Vol11 Oral Evidence

  - School sport following London 2012: No more political football  - Vol111 Written Evidence

 A Newspaper report sumarising the above documents MPs: Spending on Sport is Short-termism


Women Sport & Fitness Foundation report on how to get more women into sport

Herts Ready for Winners Opportunities, June 2013

Leisure Operators and NGBs Networking Event organised by HSP, 14th May

A good overview of new NGB Participation Products click here


Primary school sport is set to be transformed thanks to a £150m-a-year boost that will improve coaching for the youngest pupils and inspire the Olympic and Paralympic stars of the future, the Prime Minister announced today (Saturday 16th March).  Sport England, too, is investing £1.5 million a year of lottery funding through the County Sport partnerships to help Primary Schools link up with local sports coaches, clubs and sports governing bodies.

Click here to read the full announcement on the Official site of the Prime Minister's Office

Sport England Announces Sport -by-Sport Investment plans Feb 2013

Sport And Recreation Alliance's Report on Sport in England

Sport England announces Plans and £493m Funding for Sport for next 4 Years 

Nice Guidance on Physical Activity for Health & Wellbeing Boards, 27Jul12

Health and Wellbeing Boards

In 2013, local authorities will be tasked with coordinating the local NHS, social care, children's services and public health through new Health and Wellbeing Boards (HWBs).
In Hertfordshire, a shadow HWB has been meeting since July 2011 to prepare for its new responsibilities.
For more information go to the HWB website


Herts Physical Activity Alliance, 13 January 2012 Minutes and Presentations

Government investment in Legacy,

DCMS, 10th Jan 2012: Creating a sporting habit for life - A new youth sport strategy. Helping to deliver a sporting legacy from the 2012 Games Click here for the document (pdf).

Hertfordshire Physical Activity Alliance Update, December 2011

School Sport Reorganisation Assessment One Year On

 Sports minister, 15th December: School sport “nothing to do with me… but the School Games are”

 see also in this report [website: Left Foot Forward] 'talk [by the present Gpvernment] of falling participation under the last government is  simply not backed up by the evidence of the soon-to-be-abolished PE and Sport Survey.' Details show:' the percentage of pupils involved in intra-sport competitive activities rose 30 percentage points from 58 per cent in 2006/07 to 78 per cent in 2009/10'.  The abolition of the PE and Sport Survey will mean that the Government is very likely never to be able to be held to account.

Current Guidlines on Levels of Physical Activity to Minimise Health Risks, by Chief Medical Officers

 Physical Activity and Sport: What Should We Recommend? Article by Prof Mike Weed

Sports Parliamentary Bulletin - 28 March 2011, Impact of the Budget, Government's 'Growth' Review, etc.

Response to WHSPAA's concerns on the demise of SSPs after the meeting with MP Grant Shapps, 14th January.

    Letter from Rt Hon Michael Gove, MP, 10th March, click here

    Letter from Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt, MP, 31st January, click here 


Youth Sports Trust Strategy Diagram    School Games Structure, 10th February:


The Government's Plans for Olympic and Paralympic Legacy: Ministerial Written Statement .  And Legacy Plans  20Dec10


Hertfordshire Community Foundation Annual Conference 2010 - The Big Society and Hertfordshire


Healthy Lives, Healthy People: transparency in outcomes, proposals for a public health outcomes framework.  Proposal document and Consultation (ends 31st  March 2011) see DoH website .


Parliamentary Sports Bulletin from Sport England, 20Dec2010, click here


School Sports Parnerships [ National website]

Michael Gove backtracks over school sport funding [Guardian article, 17th Dec]
Key elements of School Sport Partnerships network will be retained despite education secretary's previous insistence they were not delivering.  Click here .


Exclusive: Prime Minister set to announce U-turn on school sports funding ' (16th Dec) See article on 'Inside the Games' website


"2nd December, MP Grant Shapps stated: 'we know we haven't got this right and that a better solution is now being sought'.


Olympic Badminton Medallist (2000), Jo Goode, and Olympic Badminton Team Manager (1996), Andy Goode, both support the School Sport Partnership programme in general and Welwyn Hatfield SSP in particular.


Nick Brooking, Director of Sport for the University of Hertfordshire, supports the SSP programme and is concerned at its demise.  Click to read his statement here.


Tuesday, 30th November the House of Commons debated the decision of Michael Gove, the education secretary, to toss the school sports programme on to the bonfire, replacing it with a "Schools Olympics", funded to the tune of £10m..' From the Guardian Blog  The debate went in favour of the Government. Dave Bartlett, Chairman of WHSPAA says "This is a sad day for our children, in particular, but the our wider community as well." Click on County and National Announcements  page to read more and

Canada Olympic boss slams Sports Partnerships cuts (BBC Report)
Canadian Olympic Committee chief executive Jean Dupre has written to Education Secretary Michael Gove, calling on him to find a way of keeping 450 threatened School Sports Partnerships.
Read more on this on BBC website

SE Parliamentary Sports Report 23Nov10


  •   House of Lords agree terms of National Lottery for sport
  •   Early Day Motion on School Sports Partnerships
  •   MPs debate Sports Grounds Safety Authority
  •   Lords EU Social Policies Sub-Committee hears from CCPR on the inquiry into grassroots sport and the EU
  •   London Cycle Scheme Extended

Click  here for the full Parliamentary Sports Report 23 Nov 10


Herts Forward Conference 2010 - 'Hertfordshire's Big Society'

12th November, Presentations

Big Society - The National Context - Francis Davis

Big Society & Community Cohesion - Nick Johnson

Volunteering & Olympics - Joseph Ballard

Volunteer's quotes

Volunteering with the Countryside Management Service

North Herts Time Bank

The Big Society in Hertfordshire - Robert Gordon

Herts Forward Conference - The Big Society - Discussion, Actions & Issues


Places People Play: London 2012 mass participation legacy plans unveiled,  'Clubs, community and voluntary sector groups and councils will be able to apply for grants of between £25,000 and £150,000'
- on Sport England website, click here


Urgent! Support needed for our School Sports Partnerships

Last school year our SSP provided over 7000 Welwyn Hatfield children with competitive sport events.  Read the full report on the PE and School Sport page, or click here.

Not only has Secretary for Education,  Michael Gove, demolished SSPs and made the staff who deliver competitive sport redundant (from February 2011) but he wants Olympic-style competition by June 2010!

Please read the petition letter from young Sports Ambassador, Debbie, and sign and return the petition form and covering proforma form (to Michael Gove, 6th December) by 26th November, to:

Clare McCawley, Partnership Development Manager

Dacorum School Sports Partnership

The Cavendish School, Warners End Road

Hemel Hempstead,  Herts, HP1 3DW



Government (DCMS), Sport England and YST plans and consultation on Olympic and Paralympic Style Games for Schools: Click here


Comprehensive Spending Review Documents

  Sport England Statement: Sport England's four-year funding announced

   Michael Gove's letter to Baroness Sue Campbell  

  Youth Sports Trust's/ Baroness Sue Campbell's CSR Statement

  Guardian Newspaper: 'Funding Cuts will 'decimate' 10 years of progress in school sport.' Click here for link to their report. 

  Chairman's Summary and Comments on the Impact of the Governement's CSR

  Impact on Health: Regional Health meeting, 1st November, Briefing sheet


Pre-Meeting briefing sheet for Regional Physical Activity Alliance meeting, 1st Nov

Competetive Sport in Schools - Government and SE plans  - on SE website

         Download documents

Letter from Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt, MP, 31st January, click here


Minimum amount of physical activity for reduced mortality and extended life expectancy: a prospective cohort study  (Published in the Lancet online August 16.