Below are the most recent AGM and Clubs and Partners meetings.

Club Forum 30 April 2019 Slides from the meeting


WHSPAA EGM 26 March 2019.  The meeting overwhelmingly voted to dissolve WHSPAA and accept the Borough Council's offer to manage the refocused organisation as WelHat Sports.. See minutes of the meeting


WHSPAA Management Meeting 10 September 2018

    Agenda and notes to meeting       Financial Report      Vice-chairman's Report    Project Manager's Report    Minutes 

WHSPAA AGM, 30 May, 2018

Nigel Farren  stood down as chairman, Sarah Scotand was elected chairman, Dave Bartlett Vice-chairman, Lorraine Ellis Treasurer, Richard Hill  Activate Chairman.   See details in te Minutes, below.

MInutes    Vice chairman's Report to the AGM


WHSPAA AGM, 1st August, 2017


Vice President's Annual Report to the AGM 2017

How to Engage Inactive People - Presentation by John Ainsworth of Make Sport Fun

Announcement of AGM 2017  1s August, 7pm, International Suite, Herts Sports Village, AL10 9EU

Agenda               Officials Nomination Form 

Vice President's Annual Report to the AGM 2017


WHSPAA Clubs and Partners meeting on the Hatfield Community Sports Fund held on 13 October 2016 at Herts Sports Village

Presentations on the Hatfield Community Sports Fund:

Matt Rayner, Community Partnership Manager, at Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council explained all about the fund and how to apply.  To view click here

Richard Sutcliffe, Funding 4 Sport, explained the range of funding streams available, how to build a case for your project and how Funding 4 Sport can help you. To view click here


AGM held on 12th May 2016 at Gosling Sports Park

   Chairmans' Report to 2016 AGM  Minutes of AGM 2016    WHSPAA Constitution 

Financial Report to AGM          HW School GamesPartnership Report

Followed by 'This Girl Can' Summit: Explanatory letter,

Previous WHSPAA Clubs and Partners meetings:

Full WHSPAA Meeting (Clubs and Partners) 7pm, 25th February, UoH.  

Post Meeting documents:  HSP presentation on Government and Sport England Strategy Implications for Local Sport    Child UK presentation on Simply Amazing Welwyn Hatfield.

Chairman's Report           Development Plan 2015-16 Feb16 Update

Herts Sports Partnership Update for WHSPAA Feb16    WH BC Report

WHSPAA, WH BC and Herts County Council Consultation on this Olympic Year 

Living Leading Giving - project completion report Jan2016

Developing Local Sport -  project completion report Jan2016

Full Alliance 25th February 2016 

Minutes of the Alliance meeting

Upcoming Welwyn Hatfield Sport and Physical events that clubs and organisations can be involved in

John O'Callaghan, Director of Herts Sports Partnership, explained the current status of the new sports strategies.

To view click here


Kim Collins, Project Manager, Child UK detailed the curent status of the project and how clubs and organisations can be involved.

To view click here

WHSPAA Newsletter January 2016