WelHat Sports is the voice for sport in Welwyn Hatfield.

From 2005-March 2019 it was a democratic organisation with an Executive committee and the network of local delivery agents for sport and physical activity and key strategic partners who are committed to working together through sport and physical activity to improve the quality of life for the people of Welwyn Hatfield.

In March 2019 at an EGM WHSPAA was wound up and the new organisation, WelHat Sports, was formed as a ring-fenced organisation within Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council. 

WelHat sports like WHSPAA is an integral part of a system for community sport and physical activity that aims to provide a bottom up/top down system of planning and delivery based on local needs and priorities.

Our mission
“To increase participation, enjoyment and achievement in sport and physical activity by working together to provide and promote an environment that allows everyone to get involved, stay involved and to reach their full potential so that sport and physical activity can contribute to the quality of life of people living in our community"

It is intended that WelHat sports will

Identify local needs, and develop a locally shared vision and action plan

Be a integral part the Welwyn Hatfield Alliance, the local strategic partnership for Welwyn Hatfield

Be a integral part of a single system for sport with formal links to the Herts Sports Partnership

Focus upon building capacity to increase participation and widen access

Support individuls that wish to prommote local sport 

Hold Club Forum meetings each year on topics of importance to clubs.  

WelHat Sports is a member of the Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council's Culural Consortium and Alliance.


[WHSPAA Constitution]              

For other documents please see AGM and Clubs and partners' reports