About Us

WelHat Sports is the voice for sport in Welwyn Hatfield.

It is managed by Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council and is part of the network of local delivery agents for sport and physical activity and key strategic partners who are committed to working together through sport and physical activity to improve the quality of life for the people of Welwyn Hatfield.

Our mission

“To increase participation, enjoyment and achievement in sport and physical activity by working together to provide and promote an environment that allows everyone to get involved, stay involved and to reach their full potential so that sport and physical activity can contribute to the quality of life of people living in our community"

Terms of Reference


1. To provide support, guidance & advice to sports clubs across Welwyn Hatfield.

2. To build positive and effective relationships with clubs and organisations.

3. To work in partnership to support local and national campaigns which aim to increase participation in sport & physical activity.

4. Provide a central point of information to help sports & physical activity providers in Welwyn Hatfield.


? Provide a clear and functional website

? Deliver club forum event(s)

? Build positive and effective relationships

? Support local and national campaigns/programmes

? Provide a voice for sport and physical activity

? Assist and support local events and projects

? Work with those targeting hard to reach groups

Management and Finance

? Managed by Welwyn Hatfield Council

? Ring fenced funds that cannot be spent by WHBC

? Presentation of accounts at 1st Club Forum per year

? Presentation of accounts at all steering group meetings

? Expenditure only approved through steering group vote

Meetings and Club Forums 

? At least 1 per year

? Open to all

? Focus on education and development

? Coordinated by Borough Council and Herts Sports Partnership

? Steering group

?  At least 4 per year

?  Individual lead officers, open to any one with a specific interest

?  Chaired - to be elected

?  Focus to ensure objectives are delivered and achieved

WelHat Sport is a member of the Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council's Culural Consortium and Alliance.

WHSPAA Stakeholders include: 
WH Community Voluntary Service 
NHS Hertfordshire 
Gosling Sports Trust 
Hatfield Town Council 
Herts Constabulary 
Herts Sport Partnership
Oaklands College 
School Games Partnership Organiser 
Specialist Sports Colleges
University of Hertfordshire 
Voluntary Sports Clubs and organisations
Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council Sports Champion/ Executive Member, Leisure
Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council Youth and Sport Partnership Manager 
Welwyn Hatfield Community Safety Partnership